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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                    12 January 2008      
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Judge Melissa Jackson Protects Cardinal Egan in ‘Saudi’ Sentencing of Raped Pastor



Judge Melissa Jackson, acting like a Saudi judge for a sheik, has further punished Pastor Michael Vincent Crea, raped in the NY Archdiocese’s St. Joseph Seminary, while ordering protection for Cardinal Edward Egan, 75, even as trial testimony clearly proved Egan’s cover-up at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and possible obstruction of Justice.  Cathedral usher and DA witness Caesar Garcia broke a cover-up of existing reports and videos, denied subpoenaed evidence, after Egan’s lawyer James Curran twice lied before the Court.

On January 10, less than week after Pope Benedict XVI’s call for 1 billion Catholics to pray unceasingly to end priests’ pedophilia, Judge Jackson has threatened to put the raped Pastor in prison for 1-year, while ordering 5-years of protection for Egan, for whom the Pastor prayed aloud publicly, last April 3 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  For any arrest in the next 12 months, she’ll take a year of his life.

Found not guilty for trespassing, yet, guilty of disrupting a religious service, Crea prayed that Catholics would ask Cardinal Egan to investigate his being raped in 1979 and for Egan to meet with his own sexually violated New Yorkers.  To date, like the late Pope John Paul II and Benedict, New York’s Boston-born, patrician Egan has refused to meet personally with a single violated person.

Judge Melissa Jackson, who once told a court officer to slap handcuffed, disabled defendant Foxy Brown, slapped the Pastor with a five-year order of protection, despite his attorney’s First Amendment rights argument.  Pastor Crea’s pre-sentencing statement brought all in court to silence, until Jackson’s put aside her black robes, assumed her ‘sheik’s head scarf,’ and then, interrupted the spiritual Pastor’s statement to inflict her severe ‘Saudi’ sentence, that observers characterized as “mean spirited.”


After reading a card from Sanda Aronson, founder of Disabled Artists Network and a rape survivor, telling the Court, “…I never had a means to do something about the stranger who raped me (followed me into an elevator 40+ years ago.) one does not forget.  Ever.  To me, saying a prayer a protest, in a church, is a nonviolent civil/religious act to make a point.  As a citizen of this city and state, I do not see a reason for [Pastor Crea] to receive punishment for speaking…” Judge Melissa Jackson became very visibly and viscerally agitated.  Assuming her ‘Saudi’ stance toward victims of sexual crimes speaking-up, abruptly Jackson said, “I’ve heard enough!”

In a very personal, high-pitched tone, breaking the solemnity of respect for the Pastor’s statement that had brought some observers to tears, Jackson began reprimanding Crea for not showing “any remorse, now, or during the trial.”  Like Pontius Pilate, being asked by corrupt religious leaders for civil authorities to kill Jesus, Jackson wash her hands of her own discretionary powers, impotently stating “I didn’t convict you.  A jury of your peers did.”  One juror fell asleep during her instructions.  Another of six didn’t know English.

Speaking harshly, she then imposed greater penalties upon Pastor Crea.  He had first been offered a plea deal of  “time served,” for his one overnight stay in the ‘Tombs’ before his arraignment last April.  He chose trial, so not to have him or the Court complicit with the ongoing Church cover-up.  Now, Jackson stripped the Pastor of any contact whatsoever with Egan, including at his business and work, granting requests of the Cardinal’s lawyer.  In effect, she imposed a ‘civil excommunication’ on him for Egan’s ‘religious’ purposes.

Without ever a criminal record, Pastor Crea’s only offense was his prayer reporting and asking for an investigation of his being raped.  Like a 19-year old Saudi woman reporting that she was gang raped, only to be given 200 lashes and 2 years in prison by a Saudi Arabian judge to international outcry, Crea’s witness to the Truth found a twisted and tortured ‘Saudi’ sentence by Judge Melissa Jackson, not an American one.  She killed Crea’s comments before his allusion to 1964 non-response for Kitty Genovese’s hour-long “screams until her killer silenced her voice.  Her soul echoes especially to ecclesiastics and those that would try to do the same now.”

Judge Melissa Jackson, who once sided with a visual artist’s First Amendment rights, went even further toward supporters of the long-suffering Pastor, whose home was loss on December 6, admittedly by HRA Adult Protective Services staff.  Jackson denounced their democratic rights as citizens “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  She demanded that Crea stop “your people… the people in your parish,” from sending her any more mail, cards, and letters.  Ironically misspeaking, Jackson told the Pastor to “tell your people to cease and disrupt.”  Afterwards observers laughed aloud, if she wanted them to pick-up the Pastor’s cause, now.

Had Judge Jackson permitted Pastor Crea to finish his faith filled statement, the Court would have learned that his efforts brought a Resolution by Rome’s City Council member Mario Staderini calling on Pope Benedict and all bishops worldwide to meet with the violated on December 28 for the feast of the Holy Family [Holy Innocents].  Crea believes his breaking the silence is working.

Once more, cut off before ever being heard fully, the praying Pastor’s statement ended as this entire matter began, “I pray that the Court recognize my witness for healing, harmony and holiness’ sake and in so doing receive in Spirit all the violated, living and deceased…Being so blessed to be standing, here today, I submit to my sentence as the Court may decide, in the words of the Catholic saint, martyr and lawyer, Thomas More, “Now, it is not a matter of reason; now, it is a matter of love.”


Pre-Sentencing Statement to the Court

By Michael Vincent Crea, Pastor

 One World Life Systems

The Honorable Melissa Jackson, presiding

Manhattan Criminal Court

100 Centre Street

New York, NY


10 January 2008


“Since the right to command is required by the moral order and has its source in God, it follows that if civil [or church] authorities legislate for or allow anything that is contrary to that order and therefore contrary to the will of God, neither the laws made nor the authorizations granted may be binding on the consciences of the citizens [or the faithful] since we must obey God rather than men or women.  Otherwise, authority breaks down completely and results in shameful abuse.  As Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches:  “Human law has the true nature of law only insofar it corresponds to right reason, and therefore, is derived from eternal law.  Insofar as it falls short of right reason, a law is said to be wicked law; and lacking the nature of true law, it is rather a kind of violence.”  [Pope John XXIII, Pacem In Terris/Peace On Earth, April 11, 1963 9fotnote35:  Summa Theol., Ia-IIae, q. 93, a. 3 ad2; cf. Pius XII’s Radio Broadcast Christmas Eve 1944, A.A.S., XXXVIII [1945] pp.5-23]

Taken from Pope John XXIII’sPacem in Terris,” that is, “Peace On Earth,” and based on St. Augustine’s “an unjust law is no law at all,” as well, as citing Pope Pius XII from his 1944 Christmas Eve radio address during the height of fascism of that time, I appeal to Her Honor on this 10th of January 2008 to set aside the verdict of guilty for disrupting a religious service, as has been found against me, for the sake of Justice at this time.

Insofar as the jury has found me not guilty of trespass at the Mass of Chrism at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on April 3, 2007, I, first, then ask the Court to consider, as to whether it is rightfully under the purview, either of the Court or the People, to determine indiscriminately, as to whether a member of any spiritual group is, in fact and in law, disrupting any religious service without a jury of peers, being members and having knowledge of the religious practices and liturgical law, as such.  Furthermore, the lone witness testified neither senior ushers saw it fit or necessary to intervene, as Cardinal Egan, according to testimony, only paused for “about two seconds.”

Now, while the late Justice William C. Goodloe of the Washington State Supreme Court rightly returned the founder’s emphasis in charging a jury “to determine for yourselves the law, as well, as the facts,” advocating jury nullification, this adherent to the Declaration of Independence in every issue of the monthly Goodloe Report would not abide a government establishing religious space over secular space, as what happened when the law changed raising a violation to a Class A Misdemeanor in penalty imposed upon me to the exclusion and expression of the rights inherent in the Declaration, as well, as my rights protected by the First Amendment.

In the instant case and event, as I attested on the stand, in fact and in law of the gospel and the Catholic Church, I was freely exercising my religion, adhering assiduously, peaceably and pastorally, following Jesus’own gospel against any member, most particularly a leader of the community, in being called upon to correct abhorrent, deviant and, contrary to a Christian way of living, sinful behavior.  The New American Bible of the Catholic Church in a footnote regarding this teaching on fraternal and or sororotal correction states it clearly:

 Passing from the duty of Christian disciples toward those who have strayed from their number, the discourse now turns to deal with one who sins and yet remains within the community.  First there is to be private correction; if this is unsuccessful, further correction before two or three witness; if this fails, the matter is to be brought before the assembled community (the church), and if the sinner refuses to attend the correction of the church, he is to be expelled.  The church’s judgment will be ratified in heaven, i.e., by God.  This three-step process corresponds, though not exactly, to the procedure of the Qumran community.”  [Matthew 18.15-20, footnote]



Page 2


Therefore, Her Honor is asked first to consider my own adherence to my faith and First Amendment rights, in consideration that being found not guilty of trespassing, that in fact and in law, it follows to right reason that the verdict ought to be set aside, insofar as I only assiduously, peaceably and pastorally exercised my Catholic faith, moral duty and pastoral obligation to both God and faith community vis-à-vis my fraternal correction of Cardinal Egan.  Furthermore, the disorderly conduct statute, now, stands as an unconstitutional and unjust law.

In the second consideration of the matter before the Court, my exercising epikeia, the principle in ethics that a law can be broken to achieve a greater good, I would like to raise the Court’s awareness of why I am here today.

In the tradition first and foremost of my LOVE and Savior, Christ Jesus, as well, as secular and spiritual leaders such as Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa, my “Leave Your Gift at the Altar” efforts of the past five years for recognition, reception, reparations and reconciliation with the authorities of the Catholic Church have been carried out and witnessed under St. Paul’s advise of “living the Truth with charity.” 

From Gandhi, a devout Hindu, who followed and studied the teachings of Jesus, I began learning about  Satyagraha after leaving the seminary because of my being raped.  I have openly, fairly, honestly search out and lived the Truth; endured hunger and thirst for Justice’s sake; and have not inflicted injury or harm toward those that would make themselves my enemies.  For these, most especially the Catholic authorities, I have prayed.

I stand before you because Dennis Brown and James Thomas Kelly, both victims of priestly sexual violence succumbed to suicide, as their unspeakable pain and incurable wound of pedophilia became too much to bear. 

I stand before you because at the Italian Parliament’s premiere of Joe Cultrera’s documentary “Hand of God” about his older brother Paul’s being molested and covered-up by Cardinal Law and other Catholic authorities, they and I met parents of a six-year old girl, who with hundreds of others were videotaped while being violated at a nun’s school.  Her Italian parents’ two letters to Pope Benedict have never received the respect of a response. 

I stand before you, living with my own depression, post traumatic stress disorder from being raped, losing house home, family but not my faith, because I must witness to the Truth in love, pain, suffering and yes, strength for those who can neither speak for themselves, now, like Dennis or James or our, yes, yours and mine, little six-year old sister, and those still incarcerated inside themselves from this institutional incest and domestic violence in the ‘households of God.’  The children of Rachel and Rwanda, the innocents of Herod and Hitler, the companions of Charles Lwanga and the African diaspora, all ancestors cry out for Justice, here, today.

I stand before you for those who cannot stand or like others, unable to print out a Christmas card but still have strength to greet Her Honor and the Court, in my behalf.  If it pleases the Court, I read from a card sent to me by the founder and executive director of the Disabled Artists’ Network, my sister, Sanda Aronson, who writes: 

Dear Michael Vincent Crea,

 I heard Karen Lewis’ announcement on “Al Lewis Lives” on WBAI, about you, yesterday.  I just rec’d your vmail message (you are welcome.)  My gift was given from one rape survivor to another.//I never had a means to do something abut the stranger who raped me (followed me into an elevator 40+ years ago.) one does not forget.  Ever.//To me, saying a prayer a protest, in a church, is a nonviolent civil/religious act to make a point.  As a citizen of this city and state, I do not see a reason for you to receive punishment for speaking.//You have my permission to use this note with the Judge.//I wish you a safe and healthy New Year and hope you find a lovely, affordable home immediately.//Peace.  

Sincerely, Sanda Aronson.




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I stand with all of these men, women and yes, our children, against the cover-up, the recalcitrance and thus far, silence of the Vatican, New York and, maybe more disconcerting out of denial, of the people in the pews. 

For my standing, here today, is my bearing witness to a lesson that I learned in Catholic high school on Staten Island, telling us that we, Catholics, as Christians are not able to be innocent bystanders to a crime being committed.  The example given to us then and remains remorsefully clear still, that of Kitty Genovese, whose crying out loud for an hour brought no response from her neighbors, who heard her screams until her killer silenced her voice.  Her soul echoes especially to all ecclesiastics and those that would try to do the same, now.

That either the DA, the Cardinal’s lawyer or his own fear of being forthrightly and faithfully challenged again, thus, asking the Court like the religious hypocrites of Jesus day to have Her Honor act like Pontius Pilate, infamous not for what he did but what he chose not to do in the case of Jesus, is simply sad and contemptuous of Christ and the mission they portend to ask the Court to protect by civilly excommunicating me.

I am the mission of the Christ Jesus:  I am feeding the hungry; I am clothing the naked; I am sheltering the homeless; I am visiting the sick and welcoming the stranger; I am setting the prisoners free, giving sight to the blind and helping the lame to walk; I am and who I am, declaring a year of favor of LOVE, of the Lord, that all might be free to taste and see the goodness of God, the gospel of Christ Jesus and the Truth that sets all free.

To that end and the final consideration, I ask of the Court, today, for Her Honor’s consideration in setting aside the guilty verdict, is that I have been on ROR, released on my own recognizance, now, for nine months and seven days.  At my arraignment I refused a ‘time served’ offer, so not to be complicit nor allow the washing of the Courts’ ‘hands’ for what still is being denied and covered-up by civil and religious authorities, either by being co-dependent enabling ecclesiastics and or by condemning those, like myself, that have courageously spoken the Truth to church and civil authorities.

However, this week, my five-year “Leave Your Gift at the Altar,” pastoral paln saw some first fruits, finally, forhaving stayed steadfastly faithful to satygraha and the Spirit of the Gospel.  Two days ago, I received another ROR—yet, this one is a recognition of my own efforts in the Resolution of Rome City Council by Member Mario Staderini, Vice President of the Municipal Council of Historic Central Rome.  It reads:

Resolution  [Translation:  Italo Cannone; edited, Michael Vincent Crea]

Whereas, in the course of the recent past years many cases of sexual violence against minors perpetrated by the Catholic clergy have come to light;
Whereas, in that same period the hierarchy of the Catholic church has always avoided to meet, outside the legal context, the victims of such a violence;
Whereas, such a phenomenon of priest pedophilia, especially in the USA, has provoked a great commotion and scandal in the public at large and in the entire Catholic community;
Whereas, one of those victims was Michael Vincent Crea, now a Pastor, has been leading a effort to obtain a meeting between the hierarchy of the Catholic clergy and the victims of such a violence, so that a human and spiritual reconciliation can take place;

Be it resolved, therefore,
That the President of the Municipal zone of the "Rome historical center" will ask Pope Benedict XVI to proclaim the day of December 28th, 2007 , the religious holiday dedicated to the Holy Family, the day of a worldwide reconciliation with the victims of the Vatican pedophilia, and have all the victims, in each of the Catholic dioceses all over the world, meet with all the bishops responsible for those dioceses.



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From: ""
Date: January 8, 2008 9:13:56 AM EST
To: Michael Vincent Crea , "Staderini, Mario"
Cc: "Cannone, Italo"


Ciao Michael Vincent,

I attach the resolution that I wanted to vot in the council but it was impossible fot procedural problem andh few time till 28 december I hope you all the best fot the sentencing, and that's true, Popo said sunday something similar you asked!



Now, with cynics or in politics, one might say Council Member Mario Staderini failed in his efforts to elicit his colleagues to act before Christmas and the Feast of the Holy Innocents and the Holy Family, December 28 and 30, respectively, this 2007 Christmas season.  Yet, in politics some measures don’t pass because of who shall get the credit.  My recognized efforts are sustained by my deposit of faith, drawing from the Divine who alone can reward me, with my having no need for credit but as a follower of Christ Jesus, whose currency is good.

Yet, also this week, after both my calling on the Pope with the Council member Staderini and other participants of the Italian Parliament’s premiere of the Hand of God and then, demonstration outside of Pope Benedict’s lit windows at St. Peter’s Square, the Pope announced that he would like the over 1 billion Catholics worldwide

to offer incessant prayers for the priesthood to repent from the pedophilia and other crimes of sexual violence.

I offer for Her Honor’s consideration, therefore, that my efforts of the past five years, our Italian Parliament and Vatican protest on June 22, my witness and trial for praying for Cardinal Egan, in the Spirit even if not the manner Pope Benedict prefers, and finally and most significantly, that Council member Mario Staderini’s Resolution of Rome’s City Council, in fact and in faith, moved the Pope to declare what is necessary and just to begin real recognizance of ourselves: both the violated and those who look upon us whom they have pierced.

My own prayer remains constant that “Charity begins at home in Rome,” where the Pope, prior to coming to America in April, needs to meet face-to-face at the Vatican with a representative delegation of the violated and their loved ones, before embarking outside of the epicenter of accountability and the major fault line of these ecclesiastical, earth-shattering events of sexual violence and their cover-up that are why we are here, today.

In my “lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness” of all ecclesiastical crimes and cover-up, I ask Her Honor not to blow out what progress can be seen in today’s proceedings brought about by my conscientious pastoral LOVE-action, less the Court punishes me further for reporting a rape, like that of the Saudi 19-year-old woman, who had her insane sentence and 90 lashes increased to 200 by a Court and a monarchy that knows not Justice nor Human Rights, let alone right from wrong in its own judiciary.  

I pray that the Court recognize my witness for healing, harmony and holiness’ sake and in so doing, recognize and receive in Spirit all the violated, living and deceased, from around the worldwide Catholic community of faith.  Being so blessed to be standing, here today, I submit to my sentence as the Court may decide, in the words of the Catholic saint, martyr and lawyer, Thomas More,

“Now, it is not a matter of reason; now, it is a matter of Love.”

[“In manus tuas commendo spiritum meum]