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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     1 October 2007           
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DA’s Witnesses & ‘Lost’ Evidence Expose Cardinal’s Cover-up at the Cathedral


Pastor Michael Vincent Crea’s unwavering, passionate testimony, regarding his being raped in 1979 at St. Joseph’s Seminary and arrested last April 3 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, impeached both DA’s witnesses’ tales of his prayerful call on Cardinal Egan to investigate the ‘incest’ he suffered by then seminarian Richard Doscher. 


Pastor Crea, charged with trespass and disruption of a religious service, gave a historical detail of his personal, spiritual journey to the jury, judge and courtroom packed by prospective prosecutors and defenders of the law. Told of his classmate’s heinous act in the Yonker’s house of studies, Msgr. Desmond O’Connor, Cardinal Egan’s investigator, told once friend Pastor Crea, “Mike, yours was an adult on an adult attack.  The Bishop’s Charter [for the Protection of Children] only deals with children; you’re out of the loop.”  Doscher is, now, an Episcopalian priest, denied Catholic ordination after committing an offense at St. John’s Church, Mahopac, NY.


The case is putting the Truth on trial, as the pastor’s almost two-hours on the stand, came after a morning when Cathedral usher Caesar Garcia revealed he had not only written an incident report but that two sets of video are recording regularly the Cardinal and Cathedral events.  In the absence of Crea’s counsel Geoffrey Stewart on September 20, another judge ruled against subpeonaing the Cardinal, yet, would allow any written or electronic records.  However, James Curran, lawyer for Egan, swore no records existed without Stewart present to object. 


Yesterday, after a heated exchange between Stewart and prosecutor Eli Cherkasky with Curran’s encore denial of such evidence’s existence, being missing or withheld, presiding Judge Melissa Jackson permitted a recall of Garcia.  The usher indicated that he gave a copy to supervisor Joe Galloghly within 30 minutes of Crea’s arrest. Chief of the Cathedral security Kevin Donahue, also apprised of the incident, had Garcia search records for his report being subpeonaed in September to no avail.  Garcia admitted that incident reports not only were to be kept for potential court cases but were given to the Rector of the Cathedral and other archdiocesan officials.


The only report made available to the defense was the police report containing several inaccuracies.  Officer Thomas Dolan reaffirmed his written account of the incident arresting Crea, however, it contradicted Garcia’s tale and the Pastor’s testimony.  Stewart asked his client on the stand if he agreed with the account of usher Garcia, who testified also that he never received any training from Cathedral staff, as to his duties in three years.


Step-by-step Pastor Crea pointed out the part-time, bar bouncer and Shea Stadium guard’s glaring self-contradictions, starting with the procession of over 150 bishops, priests, seminarians and servers only “taking 3-4 minutes.”  Garcia said he was inside the Cathedral but then said he had been outside on break and witnessed a demonstration against the Cardinal’s closing yet another church.  He said he heard the Pastor speak up but did not hear his words.  After running to the location he stated that the elder ushers had not acted to deter the Pastor.


Today, assistant DA Cherkasky shall cross-examine Pastor Crea before both sides give closing statements and Judge Jackson instructs the jury on the law, in considering Pastor Crea’s prayerful chanting for Cardinal Egan to come clean on investigating Doscher’s in-house of God attack.  Whatever the verdict, Pastor Crea’s pledges to continue to seek recognition and reparation for all the sexually violated.  One observing prosecutor approached Pastor Crea, afterwards commenting, “That was extraordinary!  You did well.”  Pastor Crea hopes for Cardinal Egan to follow in kind, instead of his Cathedral cover-up, now, out in the open, as Crea’s case is set to close.


[Trial continues 9:30 am, JURY 5, ROOM 450 C, 100 CENTER STREET, New York, NY, Judge Melissa Jackson, presiding]


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