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Egan’s Silence & Secrecy Towards NY’s Sexually Violated Exposed by Pastor’s Stand


Harlem, NY – Between the Boston and Los Angeles Archdioceses, is a clerical ‘black hole’ of silence and secrecy about the sexually violated by NY’s Cardinal Edward Egan.  However, a solitary shepherd’s stand is slowly exposing the second largest archdiocese’s arrogant and contemptuous cover-up.  Pastor Michael Vincent Crea is steadfast and ready “to shout from the rooftops,” the steps of the Vatican or as his case may be, on Monday, July 23 at New York’s Criminal Court, 100 Centre Street, “Part C,” at 9:30 am.


Having received no response from either Vatican or NY authorities since 2002, regarding his being raped in NY’s St. Joseph Seminary and violated at the Paulist Fathers college in Washington, D.C., Crea stood before a standing-room only St. Patrick’s Cathedral this past Holy Week, returning to Cardinal Egan his own Italian words: “B-A-S-T-A!  B-A-S-T-A!  Ask Cardinal Egan why he won’t investigate my rape…?” chanted Crea. “Enough.  Enough,” in English, echoing Egan, ending a NY Times interview on his own role here, and before in the Bridgeport Diocese, Crea fulfilled his ‘fraternal charity.’ Egan stated he has no need to meet the violated.


Arrested and held overnight on April 3 and then, returning to court on May 22, the prosecutor offered the pastor ‘time served,” in effect, continuing the silence and secrecy toward NY’s sexually violated.  Crea’s counsel Geoffrey S. Stewart repeated his client’s not guilty plea.  The pastor is confident that his innocence shall still stand after trial, making his case on behalf of all the sexually violated.  Since Boston broke, neither, Popes John Paul II nor Benedict XVI, has received a single, sexually violated person.


Pastor Crea, having no response to appeals to both popes, attended on June 22 in Rome, the Italian Parliament’s premiere of “Hand of God,” the dozen-times over, award winning documentary featured on PBS’ Frontline, last February.  Crea accepted filmmaker, Joe Cultrera’s invitation to accompany him and his brother, Paul, whose own being molested at 11 years, is given a poignant, sober and profound testament of effects of ecclesiastical pedophilia and sexual violations on the violated, himself, their Italian family and Catholic faith community.


The pastor found a kindred spirit among the members of the Transnational Radical Party, a United Nations NGO, that employs the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi for non-violent, peaceful change of injustices.  They co-sponsored the Parliament’s daylong seminar that included Houston attorney Daniel Shea, whose work helped break Boston’s secrecy and cover-up.  Testimony of a couple, whose six-year old daughter, who with dozens of other Italian children were video taped being violated at an Italian nun’s school, brought the pro bono pastor to tears.  Like Pastor Crea’s entreaties, the parent’s appeals to Pope Benedict have never received any response.  Two married priests also spoke on both marriage and celibacy as equal gifts for priestly service.  Like Pastor

Crea, Marco Marchese, 25, an Italian seminarian violated sexually during studies, spoke of Vatican secrecy.


Afterwards Pastor Crea and the Cultrera’s joined with other sponsoring members, Italian Member of Parliament Maurizio Turco and Transnational’s UN Delegate Matteo Mecacci in a demonstration at St. Peter’s Square to break the silence at the doorsteps of Pope Benedict.  His windows were lit, even as candles and roses commemorating the lives and souls of the sexually violated were shadowed by Vatican security.  Twilight didn’t diminish the Truth, as Crea’s One World Life Systems pro bono ministry’s ‘OWL’ symbol came to life at sunset. Breaking the silence of St. Peter’s Square’s successor, like announcing a football goal, Crea’s ‘owl’s,’

‘who, who,’ infallibly cried, “B-E-N-E-D-I-C-T-O!  We want Justice!”   Before Benedict comes next year to the U.N. in New York, Cardinal Egan might choose to follow L.A.’s more pastoral lead but be certain, during this ‘dark night’ of sexually violated souls, Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea is determined to “awake that Dawn.”



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