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WBAI, 99.5 FM []: "Wake-up Call" correspondent Don DeBar reported on Pastor Michael Vincent Crea's loss of home due to delinquent Mayor Bloomberg staff, as well, as his continuing efforts to exposed the Catholic cover-up of his being violated at St. Joseph's Seminary for which the report notes his sentencing for praying for Cardinal Egan to investigate and meet with the violated.

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Harlem's Pastor Crea Starts New OWLS Nest
After Being Homeless for 75 Days


Jingling his keys to everyone he sees, One World Life Systems [OWLS] Pastor Michael Vincent Crea is celebrating and starting his newly found nest, ready to take flight even before it can be feathered.  Forced into homelessness for 75 days by a NYC worker’s malediction, Pastor Crea is flying, again, having just a little help from friends, making and meaning all the difference in the world of a long-suffering SRO’s struggle for Justice.

From falling to sleep at a computer for over six-weeks, sitting-up in a chair at WBAI-FM Radio Station, to riding the subway and Staten Island Ferry to being given shelter, finally, on a Good Samaritan, longtime friend’s couch, as Crea helped when that friend came to Harlem from Ohio 16 years ago, Pastor Crea is soaring from a Harlem share that he, now, calls home.  Still living only on a Social Security Disability check of $673 monthly, he is seeking benefactors to help redeem his belongings wrongly removed from his old OWLS nest.

The pastor abandoned by HRA’s Adult Protection Services, found himself locked out on December 6, 2007. His household, personal belongings, pastoral life’s work and new projects, are sitting somewhere in a Bronx warehouse.  Brooklyn property pillager, Abeco CEO, Abe Betesh illegally evicted the disabled pastor, who had beat Betesh with over 230 HPD violations and his attorney, David J. Burton, four times in Housing Court. 

Bad boy, baby-face Betesh never played fairly either in or out of Court.  Betesh reneged on two Court ordered settlements, forcing the pastor’s roommate, a vet, to leave New York and Crea to start a new rent strike, after a 40-month victory.  The spoiled brat Betesh, who staff have described to Crea as “only a boy” colluded with APS’ Central Unit supervisor Gary Barberio and City Marshal Gary Rose.  Last November 20, two days before Thanksgiving, the overwhelmed and disabled pastor halted Betesh’s latest assault, asking for APS’s assistance.

Instead, Barberio violating policy, procedures and persons’ with disabilities rights, unilaterally decided Crea could manage his affairs on his own, never calling, visiting, investigating or representing Crea at an adjourned Court date, yet, to be set in his behalf but promised by APS staff telling him, “Don’t worry…just stay there.”  As reported by both the marshal’s staff and the non-profit Eviction Intervention Services’ Ronald Rogers, Crea was dumped by Barberio, kicking Crea’s case back to Betesh, who behind Crea’s back kicked him out the door.

Nonetheless, Pastor Crea has struggled steadfastly to revive, even as APS’ social and legal staff failed totally to represent him adequately to retain his old Single Room Occupancy [SRO] kitchenette, never fully renovated according to code by Betesh.  His illegal conversion was halted last November by DOB, as blackouts continue. 

Previously, Mayor Bloomberg’s deputies had contacted the pastor, still awaiting the Clinton Foundation’s AIDS Initiative staff to set-up a meeting to discuss the pastor’s proposal of purchasing Betesh’s properties, for persons living with AIDS [PWAs], fixed income persons, seniors and disabled, like himself.  Like his good Samaritan SC friend, the pastor is calling on Clinton to be the “good neighbor in Harlem…on the best of days and the dark days, for all the people in Harlem,” as Crea heard that day President Clinton made Harlem his own home base.

Besides President Clinton keeping his word, “I want to make sure I’m a good neighbor in Harlem…I’m glad the property values are going up, but I don’t want the small business people to be run out because I’m coming in,” Pastor Crea is calling on President Clinton to back up his word with actions where some leaders have failed.

Particularly, pointing to Mayor Bloomberg and HRA’s APS staff, Council Speaker Quinn and Council members including his own, Inez Dickens, all, who have been informed with over 100 photos, HPD, DOB and DOS documents about Betesh’s dirty, illegal SRO conversion and his criminal lock-out and removal of Pastor Crea, not one did the right thing for Justice’s sake.  Now, Crea is calling for change immediately, if Clinton is really ready to be his and Harlem’s good neighbor.  However, the pastor is not waiting for his nest to be feathered and done, but rather Harlem’s ‘owl’ is wisely flying again for those he calls his very own, despite the darkness still.

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Feast of the Epiphany – 12th Day of Christmas

Mayor Bloomberg Seeks to Win White House As HIS APS
Staff Loses Pastor's Harlem Home

UPDATE 7 January 2008

Only receiving a $659 Social Security Disability check monthly, Pastor Crea had to make, on his own, a $375 certified check to save his household from the warehouse, ready to get rid of all of it after 30 days. Today, like going to the morgue, his $375 was brought to the Bronx to secure what remains of his lifetime of pastoral projects and personal belongings, as Bloomberg begins bargaining for new D.C. digs of his own.


As Mike Bloomberg bundled-up to jet out to Oklahoma for an independent bid to win the White House, his HRA Chief Robert Doar continued to cover-up for Adult Protective Services [APS] staff, bungling-up their admitted, deliberate loss of disabled Pastor Michael Vincent Crea’s Harlem home on December 6.

APS Central Intake Unit Supervisor Gary Barberio’s pre-Christmas collusion with SRO owner Abe Betesh, who illegally locked out and removed all Crea’s belongings, stole the housing rights activist’s holidays and home a month ago.  Now, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the man who would live at 1600 Pennsylvania  Avenue, had left town and Pastor Michael Vincent Crea is still left homeless out in the cold.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Deputy Mayor for APS Linda Gibbs has been AWOL, while HRA Commissioner Doar has failed to discipline Barberio, as APS Central Director, Rema Rivera, has not investigated her Grinch supervisor, selling out the disabled pastor’s rights, stealing his holidays and home, yet, not his Spirit.


On November 20, Pastor Crea, who had won both a 230-violation HPD case, including getting his SRO neighbors hot water for the first time in over 10 years, along with his and his roommate’s 40-month rent strike, Adult Protective Services staff told him “not to worry,” as Abe Betesh sought to evict him. 

Already losing four times to the pro bono pastor, Betesh, a Brooklyn property pillager, saw Adult Protective Services assisting Crea, as another defeat in the making.  Gary Barberio despicably disregarded APS policy and procedures, coldly blowing away the pastor’s person with disabilities rights.

The defeated Abe Betesh, reneged on both Court ordered, signed settlements, having the pastor continue to strike rightfully, until Betesh did repairs but he never did justice to them.  City Marshal Gary Rose and Abe Betesh ‘assassinated’ the apartment activist, while Crea was not home on December 6, rather than allow Justice to be served after his arduous and courageous four-year stand.

Immediately, the pastor went to work with calls to Deputies Mayor Walcott and Doctoroff, with whom he had shared his proposal at the Clinton Foundation to buy Betesh properties to be used for AIDS and fixed-income residents. 

Non-profit Eviction Intervention Services’ advocate Ronald Rogers told the pastor, “I don’t know what happened but someone realized that [they] made a really big boo-boo with the wrong person,” informing him of a hastily scheduled APS appointment.

Yet, after the APS legal team failed to secure the SRO kitchenette on December 13, the pastor’s calls were not returned and nothing was attempted, even to have him in a hotel for the holidays.  Distraught but determined, Pastor Crea kept up calls and emails until Christmas Eve.

As Mayor Bloomberg and his entire Human Resources Administration staff enjoyed the holidays at home, Pastor Crea stayed up sleepless in a chair at a computer at a local radio station.  A few evenings were spent on his community garden coordinators’ couch, until their own company came for Christmas. 

On December 28, APS supervisor Carmen Hernandez, told to call the pastor after all his own calls, did nothing afterwards on Crea’s requests to be given a hotel room and food until housed.  On New Year’s eve, he applied on his own for a new apartment with Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc. who is a contractor for city-owned units in Harlem, where he’s lived for 9 of the last 15 years.  

HRA previously lost the Pastor’s first Harlem home, when he served Rwandan refugees for Christmas 1994.  He had lost work in 1992, while being called “a n-gg-r lover” for defending Mayor Dinkins and Cardinal O’Connor, visiting a family after police killed their son. 

Then again, telling him to go, “not to worry,” HRA promised to pay his rent with a one shot deal but never paid it.  While still maintaining his Harlem ties and after caring for a friend with AIDS until his death, Pastor Crea returned in 2003.

Last week on January 2, Pastor Crea called Manhattan APS Director Patrick Taveres, asking that the Bloomberg administration do the right thing, in moving Crea into a new Harlem home.  As the Mayor left town, nothing was done again. 

Both APS’s Taveres and Hernandez failed to supply the promised ‘one shot deal’ funds to recover what remains after Abe Betesh’s illegal removal of Crea’s belongings, now, in a Bronx warehouse.

UPDATE 7 January 2008

Only receiving a $659 Social Security Disability check monthly, Pastor Crea had to make, on his own, a $375 certified check to save his household from the warehouse, ready to get rid of all of it after 30 days.  Today, like going to the morgue, his $375 was brought to the Bronx to identify and to secure what remains of his lifetime of pastoral projects and personal belongings, as Bloomberg begins bargaining for new D.C. digs of his own.


One World Life Systems
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  7 December 2007                                     FOR MORE INFO:  212-427-9849
Adult Protective Services Fails to Protect As Slum Owner Locks Out Disabled Pastor Raped in NY Seminary

Pastor Michael Vincent Crea, disabled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, since being raped in the NY Archdiocese's seminary, is out on the street, as NYC Adult Protective Service supervisors failed to follow up his halt to being evicted November 20.  Pastor Crea returned to his Harlem apartment Thursday afternoon only to find his lock changed without notice.  
The Pastor says he knows the horror that drives a man to take over Hillary Clinton's New Hamshire headquarters, a confused child to be killed with only a hand brush in his hand or Cho Seung-Hui to unleash his heart's havoc throughout the halls of Virginia Tech.  "It's simply that people whose work supposedly is to really care and represent others' rights, don't.  Sadly, New Yorkers don't even give a damn any more!"
As of last tonight, he is out on the street after another Judge denied his new show-cause motion.   Since the Adult Protection Services had not been called, originally, no record exists in his Court case files.  The presiding judge shall be available tomorrow for the Pastor to attempt, yet, another motion of the new material not considered, fully investigated in his behalf or given the respect of his American with Disabilities' [ADA] rights, personally and as a respondent in a rent case.
The pastor with neighbors won a Housing Preservation case against slum owner-managers Jacob Aini and Abe Betesh, December 4, 2006 to correct no hot water and over 230 violations, dating back to September 10, 2003. Most common area violations have not been fixed.  Harassment and breach of warrant of habitability
continued toward him after the Pastor won his 40-month rent strike on February 5, 2007.  The FDNY and Department of Building closed down the illegal demolition and construction in the building last month. 
Pastor Crea had victories in behalf of the other residents over the management sited in a MY 9 News story, "Wet & Wild:  No Way To Live [September 5, 2007], as well, as three NY 1 reports that forced Abe Betesh to give hot water 24 days after the Court ordered it in 24 hours. [NY 1 for You with Susan Jhun 12/19/06; Christmas Day 12/25/06 & 12/26/06 NY 1 news stories].  
The latest action resulted as the Pastor took a new unit only to have Betesh renege on the full repairs, painting and the signed Court settlement.  So, Crea, by right, began a new strike, yet, in the present case and today's illegal eviction neither proper legal notification nor Adult Protective Services assurances to Crea and their own policies, followed the ADA and Housing law, obligations and rights toward the disabled pastor.  His disabilities prohibited him from seeking redress of decisions by both the Housing Preservation Judge Gilbert Badillo and his Landlord-Tenant case, Civil Judge Peter Moulton made rulings that had discriminated against him and neighbors. 
The City Marshal Gary H. Rose's staff informed Crea that Gary Barberio, a Unit Supervisor, issued a terse written statement to the Marshal saying, "The client had sufficient mental capacity and physical ability to manage their [sic] affairs."  When the November 20 eviction was halted, staff at Adult Protective Services told Crea to stay in his apartment and not to worry.  They said someone from their office would contact him and then come to visit.  APS made no contacts at all with the disabled Pastor prior to Betesh's illegal lockout.
Pastor Crea had faxed required documents to the Human Resources Adminstration unit for adults on November 19, from the office of Congressman Charles Rangel, the only elected official to support Crea's long-suffering call to Catholic Church authorities, still refusing, to meet with the sexually violated, either here in New York or Rome.  At St. Patrick's Cathedral last April 3 during Holy Week, Pastor Crea prayed publicly for Cardinal Egan.  While being found not guilty of trespassing on October 31, the raped pastor faces one year in prison on January 10, 2008 for his prayer under new statutes.
Pastor Crea's calls, emails and pleas to NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn were ignored.  His requests for a meeting appears to have been denied due to Speaker Quinn own cover-up of Dickens support and collaboration in Betesh's illegal demo.  The disabled pastor asked for an investigation of Council member Inez Dickens' collaboration with Betesh, having her staff go to Court to testify against the tenants, even after HPD and NY 1 reports evidenced a building without any water in part and no hot water at all during his ongoing, illegal conversion.  
A letter to Mayor Bloomberg to meet due to the corruption and lack of coordination from city agencies, including Department of Buildings, Housing Preservation and, Human Resources received a couple of calls from Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott.  Like Speaker Quinn, these were not followed up.  Nor did staff to Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, regarding the Pastor's request for a meeting to discuss, in particular, the fact five fires had occurred previously.  Still, now, the illegal construction has left all the tenants with blackouts due to faulty wiring, an inadequate electrical supply, insufficient ventilation in the three public bathrooms, a broken intercom, brokens unfinished stairs and unpainted, filthy hallways, along with vermin and roaches.  
Pastor Crea's letter last May and meeting with his assistant Carmine Perez found no response and nothing done from Assemblyman Keith Wright, who said out loud to a recent Harlem rally "I can do nothing," regarding owners of private buildings. When Councilman, Bill Perkins and staff contributed to the disabled Pastor losing all his belongings from storage.  They failed to follow up their own inadequate, inattentive and insensitive efforts, while seeking 2 million dollar tax write-off for a slumlord.
 The "FREE PASTOR CREA: CHRISTMAS CARD CAMPAIGN: to the Court, Congress, and City Council, a month long effort before his January 10 sentence for praying publicly, while delayed under yesterday's duress, Pastor Crea is determined to live up to the old spiritual's words, "We shall not be moved."  According to Pastor Crea, despite his disabilities, "When all is said and done, I am one, New Yorker, who still gives a damn and then some." This Christmas he hopes others begin caring, too.
Pastor Crea invites benefactors or anyone willing to assist him to contact him by email at or by phone at 212-427-9849.  He can also receive mail and correspondence at his ministry's post office box:  ONE WORLD LIFE SYSTEMS, PO BOX 1259, HARLEM, NY   10027-1259.

One World Life Systems
"Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity"
Michael-Vincent Crea
Pastor & Founder
For Immediate Release          21 February 2007          For More Info:  212-427-9849
Giving-Up Life Savings Pastor Seeks Benefactors to Buy Slumlord’s SRO Building
Having won his 40-month rent strike against an imprisoned slumlord and his successors, Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea, with his life savings of $10,000 as seed money, is calling on committed Catholics and non-Catholics to help fund his field of dreams to buy his SRO building for his ministry to Harlem’s poor.The pro bono minister is calling on contributors to match his own mettle and money, saved from his own social security disability and secured in his victory in struggling for over three years in reviving his work.Without needing his witnesses or jury to hear his entire case, the steadfast and long-suffering pastor won his 40-month rock solid rent strike, as the judge denied owner’s evidence and the manager called in sick the second day of Crea’s non-payment jury trial in early February. Subsequently, a settlement after two days of sometimes heated negotiations, found the pastor not having to pay a penny of the $19,637 claim. Now, as Ash Wednesday marks contrite Catholics’ and Christians’ recommitment to the gospel mission of Jesus, Crea is seeking justice from the people in the pews and the public.  His rent strike saved taxpayers from both paying public assistance monies to the property owners with over 230 outstanding code violations, as well, as paying the Pope’s ‘child support’ for the sexually violated, like himself.
Despite being disabled due to attacks while in two Catholic seminaries, Crea has served the poor, elderly, homeless, immigrants, people with AIDS, veterans and youth without parish, pulpit, plate, paycheck or political party.   After his own earning of a Master of Divinity degree from The Catholic University of America, following his Peace Corps service in Senegal and being fired for confronting a priest having sex with a teen in a rectory, Crea founded One World Life Systems, his pro bono peace and justice ministry.  
With Harlem native the late Craig G. Harris, Crea co-chaired the first HIV/AIDS conference to African-American Catholics in D.C. in 1988. Three trips to Africa came out of his own pocket while employed, including Christmas 1994 with Rwandan refugees aided by and with the United Methodist Church.  He has fought police brutality on Staten Island, as well, as standing with Abner Louima and relatives of Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond and Ousamane Zongo.  Now, he seeks to revive his pastoral work from his Harlem ‘hermitage’ home, sustaining his service to God “for the Common Good of Humanity. As Lent begins, the Prophet Isaiah reminds those repenting and fasting ‘…not to turn your backs on your own…’ [Isaiah 58.1-7]”recalls Pastor Crea, who prays, “I hope the cry of the poor for justice is heard in my victory and appeal, so that our Harlem SRO home can be transformed into an oasis in our urban desert.”  He adds, “With so little we’ve done so much for 40 months.  I invite all for 40 days to giveup in justice just a little more.”  Benefactors, individuals or groups can call Pastor Crea at 212-427-9849. During Lent Pastor Crea shall attempt to bring more awareness for the justice demanded by those violated within the Church and other private and government entities as he works for recognition, reparations and reconciliation of ALL through pastoral and public measures:
365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., PO BOX 1259, Harlem New York   10027-1259 PHONE 212-427-9849
One World Life Systems
"Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity"
For Immediate Release                       10 February 2007                For More Info:  212-427-9849
David’ Defeats ‘Goliath’:  Pro Se Pastor Is Victorious In 40-Month Rent Strike
Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea has won his 40-month rent strike without a need for his witnesses or jury.  Owner Jacob Aini and his Abeco manager Abe Betesh sought to submit an unauthorized, unaccountable source of ‘unpaid’ rents against the pastor, who challenged Aini’s evidence.  Judge Peter H. Moulton ruled in Crea’s favor, disarming and silencing the owner’s use of the struck down document.  Crea’s cross examination of Aini then allowed the pro se, disabled pastor to slay his slum owner and manager into a settlement.  Aini and Betesh claimed Crea owed $19,637 but he won’t have to pay a penny.
What was to be a complex jury trial found Crea’s first strike enough to bring Aini and Betesh flat on their backs, as Betesh called in sick for the trial’s second day.  On their third day property owner Aini remarked to Crea, “you hold all the cards,” during almost eight hours of sometimes heated negotiations.  At one point the judge had all of them leave the courtroom after one such cacophony.  However, Judge Moulton exercised patience and prudence giving the pastor the justice he sought, while sparing Aini and Betesh more court time due to the complexity of Crea’s rock solid rent strike case.
Enduring no water at all; confronting 70-year old crack and heroin dealers and burying his next door neighbor, who died of pneumonia during 10-days without any heat or hot water, Crea’s case overwhelmed Aini and Betesh’s unfounded claims.  The long-suffering pastor’s over 3-year stand was a trial in itself.  His first slum owner Joseph Greenblatt, already sentenced to nine years in state prison for fraud, awaits federal sentencing March 12 for also swindling HUD funds under former Secretary Andrew Cuomo, now, New York State Attorney General.
Aini bought the building out of Greenblatt’s bankruptcy.  Crea won two cases by default by the swindler and then, two by Betesh and Aini before they registered the building with Housing Preservation and Development.  While awaiting his social security disability, the pastor received public assistance, which by law withholds housing allowance to owners with code violations.  Aini and Betesh still have over 230 outstanding violations not fully cured.  Aini and Betesh’s claims also never reflected taxpayers’ monies already paid by Welfare before the pastor’s protest put a halt on his public assistance housing allowance.
On December 4, 2006 in their Housing Court case against Aini and Betesh for repairs, Crea also won only with a neighbor and his own testimony without other witnesses, while being assisted again by the owner’s own ‘sword’, that being inspection records proving their malfeasance in not maintaining their SRO up to code.
Betesh has also fired his super John Smith, who twice assaulted Pastor Crea.  Besides not paying a penny of the alleged $19,637, the pastor shall be moved to a better kitchenette in his SRO; pay the same rent, as the new unit’s preferred rent, for all his tenancy; have completed repairs and new leases for himself and roommate Carl Webb.  Crea gave Army Specialist Webb, a veteran practical nurse, sanctuary for three months during his own successful struggle against ‘stop-loss’ orders to Iraq in 2004.  He left New York in September 2005 to search for his 75-year old mother and sisters in New Orleans after Katrina.
While they were found safe, their own homes were lost, a fact not lost by Judge Moulton in Webb’s behalf, whose return found Aini and Betesh unwilling to provide him with his new front door key.  Judge Moulton, brokering from the bench in behalf of the disabled pastor and veteran for their rights and leases, responded compassionately where city council members and legislators have failed to represent and protect the same for all city tenants.  The owners shall also provide $500 to Crea and Webb for furniture, in lieu of his original security deposit.  Meanwhile, the two shall live rent-free until March, when they hope to move to the new unit, concluding the pastor’s 40-month rent strike, whose slingshot brought down two Goliaths who were slain by their own swindling ‘swords.’
365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., PO BOX 1259, Harlem, New York   10027-1259    PHONE:  212-427-9849

One World Life Systems
'Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity'

Michael-Vincent Crea

Pastor & Founder

For Immediate Release                                      26 November 2007                             More Info:  212-427-9849
Harlem Pastor Seeks Celebrity Support in Clinton Foundation Appeal For AIDS Home & Elders’ Biz
Alicia Keys sashays past his Harlem SRO in a video.  Denzel Washington stood outside the same building while filming “American Gangster,” as its former convicted owner sits, now, inside Federal prison for swindling Harlem of housing funds.  Kitty-corner to Magic Johnson’s mega theatre stands another lone remnant of old Harlem unused, as elder businesses are being evicted.  Yet, if President Bill Clinton and African American celebrities hear a disabled Pastor’s plea, then everything old shall be made new again.
Craig G. Harris, a new Harlem Renaissance poet and HIV/AIDS prevention pioneer, died 16 years ago today, but according to Pastor Michael Vincent Crea his name should be on his SRO building.  In an appeal to President Bill Clinton to be “a good neighbor,” Pastor Crea has offered a viable plan, as others only point out problems of Harlem’s housing crisis and as elder business evictions are exploding.
Pastor Crea is calling on President Clinton to convene Black-African celebrities and business notables to begin bringing Harlem back before it’s too late.  In a six-pound appeal, the Pastor makes the case to the President that they’re, “neighborhood newcomers...not-so-innocent bystanders,” as longtime businesses, seniors and fixed-income folks are being left out in the cold, as the “Empowerment Zone” is becoming the ‘twilight zone,’ for the most vulnerable.  Buying buildings with Black celebrity and business leader’s true affirmation of Harlem, not just as a backdrop for multi-billion dollar movie sets, is the Pastor’s appeal.
In 1988, Crea and Harris co-chaired the first HIV/AIDS Conference to African American Catholics in Washington, D.C.  Pastor Crea began his ministry to persons with AIDS after learning local pastors were refusing to visit their group homes.   After the conference church staff in denial of the epidemic retaliated against and fired the Pastor, as he spoke up about a priest having unsafe sex with a teen in the rectory. 
Speaking of Harris the Pastor’s proposal states, “His active leadership to establish equality of care, even before ecclesiastical and political leaders became aware of the disparity and dire consequences that immune deficiency would bring to Black and African communities of color, remains powerfully prophetic.”  Pastor Crea sees benefactors coming forward and bringing Harlem back, not just talking about legends of old but creating continuing legacies, like Harris’ for Harlem’s homes and businesses.
Pastor Crea, who with neighbors forced current owners to provide hot water and repairs, still undone, stood up to these bullies in his building by winning his 40-month rent strike.  He continues to fight, today, as they are trying to evict him for challenging their illegal demo and failure to follow court orders.   Crea’s African neighbor with a ‘compromised immuned system,’ died of pneumonia during Christmas 2003, when residents had 10 days of no heat or hot water.  Pastor Crea helped wash his body for burial.
Crea’s appeal to President Clinton calls for his SRO building to be “The Craig G. Harris Grassroots-Global Community House,” also, to be know as “Keur Teranga,” “House of Hospitality and Respect.”  A Peace Corps Veteran in Senegal, West Africa, he taught AIDS prevention in Wolof.  He hopes President Clinton, whose office is around the corner and the likes of Denzel, who dropped into the Lenox Lounge before the “American Gangster” premiere, can convene with Alicia Keys and Magic to make it happen.
Pastor Crea, who has danced twice with Patti LaBelle, national spokesperson for African Americans with AIDS, at the Apollo and Madison Square Garden, knows Harlem’s solution is not ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ but with President Clinton’s “Giving” down the street, with a little help from Harlem’s friends.
________________________________________________________365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. West, Harlem, New York, NY   10027-1259   PHONE:  212-427-9849

One World Life Systems
'Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity'

Michael-Vincent Crea

Pastor & Founder


Preliminary Pastoral Proposal for Purchase & Preservation of SRO at 242 [& 244-246] Malcolm X Boulevard: 

The Craig G. Harris Grassroots-Global Community House
“Keur Teranga”
Project Vision:  To establish an empowered community residence, serving the grassroots-global goals of eradicating the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS by serving African and Black American, Harlem residents and persons living with HIV/AIDS in a low income, supportive, culturally sensitive, communal setting with a stable home atmosphere, as well, as by assisting in maintaining community and continental connections and services: 
One World Life Systems, facilitating an ecumenical, environmental and egalitarian entry independent living within a communal setting, shall assist delivery of services needed with ongoing networks of neighborhood, national and international resources.

Project Population:  Existing members of aforementioned groups, persons on fixed and or low income, as well, as recipients of any grants, specifically addressing delivery of domicile needs of HIV/AIDS persons, shall receive new site priority, while respecting rights of existing residents, legally abiding in the buildings.Special priority shall be given to existing seniors and or others, seeking and needing such supportive homes.  

Project Site:  Current SRO buildings at 242-244-246 Malcolm X Boulevard, experiencing dilapidation, drug activity and illegal demolition, due to a convicted owner and death of another, are being dangerously destroyed, by a successor in a illegal and hostile conversion and by unscrupulous street squatters, as viable SRO homes respectively. One World Life Systems [OWLS] seeks funding to save these three locations, in order, to serve the common good of the entire community, particularly our most vulnerable members of Harlem’s African and Black American populace, needing viable rental options. Through existing available grants, supportive health and housing programs, individual and corporate private funding, OWLS would like the expedited economic and financial funding to save the status of these locations and secure possession of each site for its project vision. Project Funding:OWLS offers one thousand dollars [$1,000], as its own contribution and seed money to the project, along with the request for local and national representatives in philanthropies and government, bringing the fullest extent of their own networks, for such persons in need of a supportive, culturally sensitive, communally and socially focused solution to our current and continuing, catastrophic Harlem housing crisis. Due to current owners, either seeking dividends and dollars for investors, thereof, or being adrift without direction by derelicts dwelling, therein, both properties are prime targets for takeovers hostile to the housing needs of current residents and community members.Thus, OWLS’ appeal for an expedited procurement of the properties, with any philanthropic and government financing through grants and programs, is requested to forestall a forfeiture to any individual or entity relinquishing the communal and historically significant role that such SRO’s have served for our constituents, residents and immigrants in Harlem. ________________________________________________________
365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., PO Box 1259, Harlem, New York   10027 PHONE:  212-427-9849


OWLS Proposal

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Project Naming:Gone before his time, yet, not before leaving a legacy of Love for all, Craig G. Harris co-chaired the first metropolitan HIV/AIDS Conference for Black Catholics in Washington, D.C. on February 6, 1988.  Along with co-chair, Michael-Vincent Crea, OWLS founder and pastor, who began a ministry to persons with AIDS, when local pastors refused to visit them in new residences. Mr. Harris’ personal passion and political acuity pioneered African-Black American efforts to eradicate HIV/AIDS. His active leadership to establish equality of care, even before ecclesiastical and political leaders became aware of the disparity and dire consequences that immune deficiency would bring to Black and African communities of color, remains powerfully prophetic. A poet laureate in the tradition of other Harlem Renaissance greats, out of his diminutive physique Craig G. Harris’ Spirit has cast a spectrum of color embracing all people equally. Anyone encountering his brilliance, as a Black artist of affirmation, voice of empowerment and truly a man for all seasons, would have to contend with his creative challenges to care and to confront, that is, to carefront, equally and together by any means necessary, the pandemic of HIV/AIDS that people of color have experienced in Africa and the Disapora. Excelling in education; affirming in culture; accepting, articulating and actualizing a faith of “God is Love” for all Humanity, Craig G. Harris, an African American, native son of Harlem, is a historic cornerstone for equitable housing and for a community of care for the healing of persons living with HIV/AIDS in Harlem. His name on our SRO building is but a fitting, lasting legacy of Love of his supernova light and saintly hallo, still shining on the history of healers in the African and Black American peoples’ struggle to overcome and to eradicate HIV/AIDS clouds from our night skies and constellations of color, here at home in Harlem, in Africa and around our One World. Thus, the proposed name of this communal home of care:The Craig G. Harris Grassroots- Global Community House unites and reflects our struggle for worldwide housing, as a Human-Divine right and the roots of the residents living with and working together for the common good to eradicate HIV/AIDS, while providing housing for persons with HIV/AIDS here at home in Harlem, in Africa and around our One World. Project Motto:  “Keur Teranga” means “Home of Respect and Hospitality” in Wolof, the largest ethnic group [40%] in Senegal, West Africa and Africans in Harlem. As the “Door of No Return” on Goree Island sent Africans into slavery and death on the high seas of the Diaspora, the doors of “Keur Teranga” shall open widely in welcome and with Humanity-Divinity for all without any discrimination, while liberating the lives, protecting the rights and preserving the Harlem SRO residences of those calling the ‘Craig G. Harris House’ their “home.”
Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
Project Originator & Facilitator
One World Life Systems
 “Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity”
For Immediate Release        20 November 2007       MORE INFO: 212-427-9849
Facing Eviction, Harlem Pastor to President Clinton:  “Time to Be a ‘Good Neighbor’”
An appeal to President Bill Clinton to facilitate the “Giving” of Black benefactors for a financial plan to purchase properties and preserve both Harlem’s longtime and young Black businesses, as well, as residents endangered in their homes is being promoted by Pastor Michael Vincent Crea, even as he is being put out on the street. Clinton staff is reviewing “The B.E.L.I.E.F.S. of Black Harlem M.I.G.H.T.S. Appeal,”[The Banking, Educating, Loaning, Investing, Empowering, Financing and Supporting of Black Merchants’ Interdependent Growth for Harlem Trade & Society], a six-pound appeal of letters, references, photo-essays and proposals.      
Using all of his last ‘mite,’ leaving a financial shortfall and now, facing his own eviction, Harlem’s One World Life Systems Pastor Crea is praying President Clinton, and his foundation, partners with him and provides an immediate emergency empowerment of Black entrepreneurs and caregivers.  Crea is calling forth Clinton and a constellation of African American contributors to collaborate in halting a fast becoming ‘twilight zone’ for Black businesses, young and old, as well, as Harlem’s senior, disabled, fixed-income and working residents.
In a forty-day effort putting together his proposal, Pastor Crea characterizes himself and Clinton asking, “Can you [2001] and I [1992] neighborhood newcomers, be not-so-innocent bystanders...?”  Reminding the President of his words during his 125th Street welcome on July 31, 2001, “I want to make sure I’m a good neighbor in Harlem...I’m glad property values are going up, but I don’t want small business people to be run out because I’m coming in...I want to be a good neighbor...on the best days and the dark days, for all the people here in Harlem,” Crea invites Clinton to be a partner as “good neighbors, in the Spirit of the ‘Samaritan’ love lesson.” Moved by the struggle last March of longtime elder-entrepreneur Sikhulu Shange of the Record Shack and then learning of Bobby Robinson, 91, Harlem’s first Black business shop owner on 125th Street with Bobby’s Happy House, along with the House of Seafood’s owners-sisters Vera Wilson and Janet Mcloyd, all, facing eviction,business dislocation, the Pastor offered to join their efforts with his struggle to save his SRO. Robinson hasThe Craig G. Harris Grassroots-Global Community House. Harris, a Harlem native, who died in 1991 co-chaired in 1988 with Pastor Crea the first HIV/AIDS Conference to African American Catholics in DC.  In a September 10 letter to President Clinton, who travels around the world for similar conferences, Pastor Crea told about his hallway neighbor “Alasan” with a ‘compromised immune system,’ who died of pneumonia January 5, 2004, after10 days of no heat, no hot water and not enough meds, living just around the corner from Clinton’s foundation. A Peace Corps Veteran in Senegal, Crea stood up to his slumlord Joseph Greenblatt, who with a 9-year state sentence awaits ‘fed’ time for swindling the Clinton administration of HUD funds intended for Harlem. Pastor Crea successfully won a 40-month rent strike in February against new owners Jacob Aini and ABECO, CEO Abe Betesh, but whose settlement denied a room to Crea’s roommate Carl Webb, a practical nurse and Army Vet specialist, who had returned for the trial after finding his mother, who lost her own home in Katrina. Webb was forced to return to Texas because of Judges Peter Moulton and Gilbert Badillo’s ‘separate and unequal’ rulings, perilous to neighbors and the Pastor, now, facing a Marshall’s eviction order, like Harlem’s merchants. FDNY and DOB inspectors shut down Betesh’s illegal demo last week, as ‘9-11’ plumes of dust filled the SRO. Pastor Crea’s letter to Mayor Bloomberg about 5 fires in his SRO, finally, found calls from two Deputy Mayors. Yet, a judge’s ruling jettisoned the Pastor’s stand for Justice, for coming to Court one month short of rent required for his show cause hearing. Pastor Crea still hopes, even as he swims among the slumlords’ circling sharks preventing his stay, that the man from Hope, Arkansas, now, has his own Harlem ‘sea legs’ and can pull the ropes for the lifeboats that Crea and his elder Harlem neighbors and merchants must have to live in peace.

365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. West, Harlem, NY   10027-1259   PHONE:  212-427-9849
One World Life Systems
 “Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity”
Michael-Vincent Crea
Founder & Pastor
Phone:  212-427-9849
10 September 2007
4th Anniversary of Moving-In
242 Malcolm X Blvd. [122nd – 123rd Sts.]
The Honorable William J. Clinton
The Clinton Foundation
55 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. West
Harlem, New York 10027
Dear President Clinton:
I would like to congratulate you on your new book, “GIVING,” which I learnt about last week, during your visit with Oprah.This letter follows-up a call I gave, finally, to your office about two weeks ago.
I would like to request a meeting at your earliest convenience and your own commitment to work with me in respecting, recognizing and remedying the threat to long-time Black and African business leaders, as well as young and new Black and African entrepreneurs, all facing loss of locations, livelihoods and legacies of their commercial, cultural and communal contributions, which are the hearts, heads, hands and hallmarks of Harlem.
I would like you to meet face-to-face Mr. Bobby Robinson, 91, Harlem’s first Black business owner on 125thStreet, whose 61-year old business “Bobby’s Happy House,” is being evicted along with his neighbor, Ms.Vera Wilson, whose 13-year young “House of Seafood” restaurant struggled through waters, swimming upstream, only to be told her business, building and block is to be torn down, as her first fruits of labor lose all their gains. 
I would like you to listen and to learn, looking eye-to-eye, from Mr. Sikhulu Shange, one of my Harlem Brother-Elder-Mentors, whose 35 years of ownership of The Record Shack reaped benefits, here and for his homeland of South Africa, rallying residents of Harlem to release all the prisoners of Robben Island and educate youngsters.
Can you [2001] and I [1992], neighborhood newcomers, be not-so-innocent bystanders, as Black and African business owners and their families, as well, as young and immigrant entrepreneurs are forced either to forfeit their children’s future that they took a lifetime to forge or to be dislocated, having Dr. King’s dream turned into a living nightmare in broad daylight, after living Malcolm X’s injunction “by any means necessary” in making I’m sure you’ll agree:  NO!
In fact, I know, once accepting the gravity of the failure of so-called “Empowerment Zone,” to include small Black and African business people commensurate with their ongoing cultural and commercial contributions to our Harlem community, that you’ll abide by your own words, 'I want to make sure I'm a good neighbor in Harlem…I'm glad the property values are going up, but I don't want the small business people to be run out. I want you to know that I want to be a good neighbor...on the best days and the dark days, for all the people here in Harlem,'[CNN Reports, 7/31/01]. Our fingers interlocked, as I welcomed you. 
Rather than pointing fingers or sinking in the quicksand of ‘analysis paralysis,’ of some politicians and or activists, I am offering a plan of action addressing our obligations to these elder entrepreneurs and their enterprises; young and new business owners; along with customers, residents and visitors in the village of Harlem. I would like to offer a private-public partnership, specifically financing small Black-African business property ownership. I am calling this grassroots-global, small business plan for the men, women and, yes, children of Harlem: “The B.E.L.I.E.F.S. of Black HarlemM.I.G.H.T.S” [Banking, Educating, Lending, Investing, Empowering, Financing Supporting of Black Harlem Merchants’ Interdependent Growth for Harlem Trade & Society]. The inequity of Empowerment Zone fund distribution; inverted development for luxury units instead of working-fixed income housing; and priority putting national business before, beyond and over local business leaders for over 10 years, now, is clearly evidenced. Our community’s economic life needs an immediate intervention before month’s end. I am asking you to give your full support and partnership with me for a Black-African, self-determined, small business and property ownership project to be enjoined by successful leaders, who have benefited in their lives by the likes of Bobby Robinson, Sikhulu Shange and Vera Wilson. Attached is my list of benefactors, if they please. I would like each to be part of our partnership appeal, providing $50 million in private funds and matched ten times by current and future Empowerment Zone funds. All shall begin to secure the land and to ‘stop-loss’ longtime Black-African local business, seen in Harlem in the last 30 years, and now, threatened with extinction.
At best, local politicians, financiers and developers are guilty of gross, criminal elder abuse to put a 91-year old, still working and living legend, Bobby Robinson, out of his business location. At worst, without immediate recognition and relief for a real “Reconstruction Period,” rather than current dismantling of community mentors and local businesses, all shall see, here in Harlem, the second bombing of a ‘Black Wall Street’ from being born.
I can do it.  You can do it.  Like neighbors putting up a barn, together, we can do it better.  I began this letter saying I “finally” gave you a call because I can no longer give on my own.I have wanted to call you since January 5, 2004, the day my African neighbor with a ‘compromised immune system,’ Alasan, died of pneumonia, having no hot water and heat for ten days from an old nemesis of your administration, Joseph Greenblatt, who swindled HUD funds.He awaits his federal sentence, already getting nine-years in NYS prison.  I stood up to this bully and his successors, securing my own SRO space but not the home or Harlem, in which both Alasan and I had hoped to live.  Attached you can read a proposal for our hope being realized for others, like him and myself.
Oprah read a verse in your book speaking of giving “down the street.” Before either you and or I return overseas, I pray you and I can be servants of the Spirit, here in Harlem, “down the street” and around the corner. Then, as you and I have made our own initiatives in my mother’s homeland of Ireland that must still be completed, we can go and come back here to Harlem, having the people of Harlem and their benefactors, seeing themselves, truly as “Repairers of the Breach” and “Restorers of Ruined Homesteads,” whom you and I helped to facilitate faithfully and to fund financially [cf. Isaiah 58.6-12], “The B.E.L.I.E.F.S. of Black HarlemM.I.G.H.T.S.,” as being “good
neighbors, in the Spirit of the ‘Samaritan’ Love lesson, ” [cf. Luke 10.25-37; James 4.13-17; James 5.1-12;1 John 3.11-24; 1 John 4.1-21; 1 John 5.1-8; Psalm 37].
I would like to thank you for your time and service to our country and One World. I pray you embrace and welcome my appeal of giving of ourselves, together, as the “good neighbors,” Harlem’s Black-African, small business and new entrepreneurs not only need, now, but must have to preserve the character, commerce and communal life of the village of Harlem for generations to come.  I may be reached at home:  212-427-9849.
With peace, prayers, amandla & LOVE,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,
Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
Bring Harlem Back!
Once under a tree in a Senegalese village, as a group of men and I sat talking, drumming began beyond our sight. All became quiet, listening.As the villagers resumed their conversation, I asked, “What was that about?” One said, “A neighbor’s horse had gotten out in the middle of the night, so if anyone found it, then please bring the horse back.” This true story is repeating itself in Harlem, right now! While some businesses and residences have gotten out during the middle of the night, our drummers are asking YOU to help HarlemM.I.G.H.T.S. return what is rightfully theirs.The Village of Harlem IS still the people of Harlem, needing “Each one, Teach one,” that it’s time, RIGHT NOW: “BRING HARLEM BACK!”    –Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea, OWLS
“The B.E.L.I.E.F.S. of Black HarlemM.I.G.H.T.S.” is a proposal for a “grassroots-global, small business plan for the men, women and yes, children of Harlem:  “The Banking, Educating, Lending, Investing, Empowering, Financing & Supporting of Black Merchants’ Interdependent Growth for Harlem Trade & Society...for a Black-African, self-determined, small business and property ownership project.
Under review by the President William J. Clinton Foundation for convening contributors:
YOU Can Voice YOUR Own Support:  PLEASE Ask That SRO’s and Pastor Crea’s Appeal Buildings Be Bought For the Pastor’s Neighbors & Business Elders  for “The Harlem Heritage House” and for “The Craig G. Harris Grassroots-Global Community House,” aka “Keur Teranga,” “House of Hospitality and Respect,” “GIVING,” ALL HARLEM THEIR OWN DUE NOW.
Please ask President Clinton be the “GOOD NEIGHBOR,” he promised to be toward Pastor Crea, Mr. Sikhulu Shange and Ms. Vera Wilson & Ms. Janet Mcloyd, among other Black-African Business Leaders

The Honorable William J. Clinton                                   “The B.E.L.I.E.F.S. of Black HarlemM.I.G.H.T.S.
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