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“Serving One God and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity”

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25 December 2007:
Christmas Meditation

6 December 2007:
Christmas Card Campaign

1 November 2007: All Saints Day:
Trick or Truth: Split-Decision Gives Pastor Prison As Cardinal Covers-Up

31 October 2007: ALL HALLOWS EVE :
DA’s Witnesses & ‘Lost’ Evidence Expose Cardinal’s Cover-up at the Cathedral

29 October 2007:
From Altar to Court: Pastor’s Calling On Cardinal Puts the Truth On Trial

20 July 2007:
Egan’s Silence & Secrecy Towards NY’s Sexually Violated Exposed by Pastor’s Stand

Here is the interview I gave on June 22 2007 before the "Hand of God" Premiere at the Italian Parliament. Your feedback, further inquiry and coverage is most welcomed: