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"Calling on Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican to meet with the Sexually Violated" - On June 22, 2007 at St. Peter's Square, Rome, Italy. On June 22, 2007, OWLS Pastor Michael Vincent Crea [c], joined together with City of Rome Council Member, Mario Staderini [l] and TRP Member, Italo Cannone [r] for an early evening rally.

After a daylong series of speakers and of the European Premiere of the award-winning documentary, "Hand of God," whose director Joe Cultrera told the story about his brother Paul Cultrera, their family and faith community, all, affected deeply by Paul's being sexually violated in Salem, Massachusetts, event participants and Parliament members called on Pope Benedict XVI to recognize and to meet with those sexually violated, as well, as claim their accountability for these crimes, being covered-up by the silence of clericalism.

"Pastor Crea, that story should be told to the entire nation."
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19 April 2008: OWLS Pastor Michael Vincent Crea's 3-Hour Vigil of Chanting During Pope Benedict XVI's Visit to St. Joesph's Seminary, Yonkers, New York.


Police threatened to arrest Pastor Crea after he repeated twice his chant, "B-E-N-E-D-I-C-T-OOOOOOOO! Break the silence!

On April 19, with about 30 local Yonkers police and state troopers confronting him for repeating the same chant he used last June 22 at the Pope's St. Peter's Square window, [to which neither Vatican security or Rome police took offense but members of the rally were recalling still a week later] Pastor Crea resumed his more moderate mantra for 3 hours outside of St. Joseph's Seminary:



Using mother/father; aunt/uncle; parent/child; friend/lover; husband/wife; grandfather/grandmother; classmate/teammate; nephew/niece, the Pastor peacefully chanted for Justice, in behalf of all the violated, as a means in his own ongoing witness and for the healing personally, pastorally and prophetically for the people in the pews, the public, the prelates and the protected, as well, as the perpetrators of the perditions and crimes committed and still being covered-up.

To date NY Cardinal Edward Egan has yet to meet personally with any of the violated and has failed to investigate the sexual assault on Pastor Crea.

The Pastor shall soon challenge the authority of the State imposing an unconstitutional sentence upon him for his own prayer for the Cardinal Egan meet with him and other violated New Yorkers, as well, as to end the cover-up at the seminary and investigate Pastor Crea's being violated.

The very week, last January, that Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican officials called Catholics worlwide to pray for an end of all sexual violations in the Church, Judge Melissa Jackson condemn Crea's own prayerful witness at St. Patrick's Cathedral of April 3, 2007.

Now, he shall write Cardinal Egan, personally, against the terms of the 5-year order of protection Egan's lawyers requested and Jackson unconstitutionally imposed against the Pastor's First Amendment rights.

One World Life Systems Pastor Michael Vincent Crea demonstrates outside St. Joseph's Seminary, while Pope Benedict XVI visited on Saturday, April 19, 2008 and where Pastor Crea was sexually violated in 1979, by Richard Doscher, who later was denied Catholic priesthood in New York. Photo Credits: J. Lingo,

For Immediate Release: 3 PM - 18 April 2008                      
More Info:  212-360-7458



 WASHINGTON, DC, Crime Scene 1-St. Paul’s College Grounds of Catholic Bishops Headquarters


Pope Benedict XVI shall be on not so holy ground during his scheduled U.S. trip.  In fact, he'll be visiting two crime scenes, yet to be investigated and still actively covered-up by U.S. Catholic, local civil and political authorities.


On the very ground of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops[USCCB] headquarters across from The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and The Catholic University of America, from where he earned his Masters of Divinity degree in 1987, Pastor Michael Vincent Crea was sexually violated at St. Paul's College during a vocation visit in 1980.


The Paulists gave the Bishops the grounds where Pope Benedict shall visit. The Paulist Fathers President John Duffy, CSP, in New York first told Pastor Crea in June of 2002 that the Paulist religious community was going to investigate and to make reparations but Duffy reneged instead doing nothing.


Instead, on November 3, 2002 Duffy had Crea arrested outside of St. Paul the Apostle Church in NY, the Paulist's mother church, as Crea peaceably asked parishioners to ask Duffy to respond.


On Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2003, not only did Crea's legal aid lawyer defend the pro bono minister's First Amendment rights but in a most unusual move the Manhattan DA asked the Judge to permit the Pastor to make a statement to the Court, after dropping all charges.


Pastor Crea spoke of the necessity of safeguarding the protection of the Constitution's separation of Church and State. Particularly, the Pastor addressed the freedom to speech, assembly, practice of faith freely and redress of wrongs, like those of the Paulists.


To-date Paulist President John Duffy CSP has denied protecting the Human rights of all the violated, no matter their age at the time of being abused, by never responding to Crea.  Paulist Al Kim, who threatened and molested the Pastor at St. Paul's College, sharing its DC grounds with the US Catholic Bishops headquarters where Pope Benedict is visiting, left the Paulist religious order but is still an active priest in Honolulu, HI.


At the Bishops headquarters, their Office for the Protection of Children and Young People left messages for the Pastor to call and “we can have a chat.”   However, the staff failed to follow-up on several calls and recommendations that Crea made for all Catholics, including having a 24-hour toll-free, trained human staff available to attend to the suffering and horrors of those sexually violated.


Crea, celibate until Richard Doscher raped him in NY's Seminary, then 24 at the time, had gone to visit the Paulists'  St. Paul's College, since they were the first American founded community of priests and specialized in preaching, ecumenical relations and mission work.  After Al Kim left the house of studies on the grounds of the Catholic headquarters, Crea accepted the Paulist invitation to join the community.


Seminary Rector James Young, CSP told Crea after two years as a Paulist novice and student that he thought Crea would make an excellent father and should get married instead of being a priest.  Crea's advisor, Paulist Father Ben Hunt disagreed, telling him to become a priest but not a Paulist.  Crea left and served in Peace Corps, Senegal, West Africa.  He returned to DC to complete on his own his degree at Catholic University.  Sadly Young died of AIDS during that time after living a surreptious, non-celibate lifestyle.


After being fired by former Catholic priest George A. Stallings, Jr. for speaking up about Charles Stephany C.S.s.P., a priest having sex with a Brooklyn teen in the rectory of St. Teresa of Avila Church in Anacostia,  Washington, D.C.,  Crea met with former Cardinal Hickey’s staff, who mocked Crea when he told of Stephany’s sexual abuse.  That staff, now, Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport, CT, replaced Cardinal Edward Egan.  Lori is also the spokesperson for the Bishops Ad Hoc Committee on Abuse.  Stephany died of AIDS.


During the Bishops Conference in Dallas in June 2002, Lori stood up, opposing the inclusion of any bishop being held accountable by their peers, as in original draft documents.  Stating the status quo of Pope John Paul II and Vatican authorities, including then Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, only Rome can only discipline other bishops on church matters.  The sexually violated point to the criminality of the clergy, being avoided again by both the bishops and the Vatican with regard to their criminal accountability.


Contrary to Catholic public statements for both secular and religious clergy crimes, Paulist Fathers President Duffy, CSP, housed in the affluent Jamaica States community of Queens, NY told Pastor Crea to "do it yourself," when he asked that Duffy report the violation to D.C. police in 2002.  This was after reneging on previously offered assistance and an investigation, as the pastor’s phone was being cut off and home sold, after the death of a friend who had AIDS, with whom the Pastor lived and took care of.  END of PART 1 of 2 

SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

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Baya Movers -  Bronx Warehouse
Baya Movers - Bronx Warehouse


Crate Opening

Dresser - Sewing Machines - Desk
Dresser - Sewing Machines - Desk



Mayor Bloomberg Seeks to Win White House

 As his Staff Covers-up Loss of Pastor’s Harlem Home


UPDATE 4 February 2008

Mayor Bloomberg and his deputies have left disabled Harlem Pastor Michael Vincent Crea homeless, almost 60-days, after APS corruption cost him his home, household and pastoral projects, including buying his SRO building for fixed-income and persons with HIV/AIDS from ABECO CEO Abe Betesh, a Brooklyn property pillager. 

Appeals for food and a hotel room, while searching for a new apartment have gone without any response from Mayor Bloomberg, the man who would live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, bargaining now for the DC digs. 

Pastor Crea has had an appeal at the Clinton Foundation to buy Betesh's SRO to be for persons living with HIV/AIDS to be called "The Craig G. Harris Grassroots-Global Community House."   Clinton has yet to respond to Crea's initiative .

Pastor Crea, as Director of Fellowship at Saint Teresa of Avila in Anacostia, began an AIDS ministry when Black pastors refused to visit persons with AIDS in group homes.  He co-chaired with Craig G. Harris the first HIV-AIDS Conference to African American Catholics on February 6, 1988.  

Pastor Crea, receiving his Master of Divinity Degree in May 1987 from The Catholic University of America. 

A professional pastoral minister, he chose not to be ordained in the Catholic Church having been raped at NY’s St. Joseph’s Seminary and accosted at St. Paul’s College, D.C, on whose grounds sits the headquarters of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


As Mike Bloomberg bundled-up to jet out to Oklahoma for an independent bid to win the White House, his HRA Chief Robert Doar continued to cover-up for Adult Protective Services [APS] staff, bungling-up their admitted, deliberate loss of disabled Pastor Michael Vincent Crea’s Harlem home on December 6.

APS Central Intake Unit Supervisor Gary Barberio’s pre-Christmas collusion with SRO owner Abe Betesh, who illegally locked out and removed all Crea’s belongings, stole the housing rights activist’s holidays and home a month ago.  Now, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the man who would live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, had left town and Pastor Michael Vincent Crea is still left homeless out in the cold.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Deputy Mayor for APS Linda Gibbs has been AWOL, while HRA Commissioner Doar has failed to discipline Barberio, as APS Central Director, Rema Rivera, has not investigated her Grinch supervisor, selling out the disabled pastor’s rights, stealing his holidays and home, yet, not his Spirit.


On November 20, Pastor Crea, who had won both a 230-violation HPD case, including getting his SRO neighbors hot water for the first time in over 10 years, along with his and his roommate’s 40-month rent strike, Adult Protective Services staff told him “not to worry,” as Abe Betesh sought to evict him. 

Already losing four times to the pro bono pastor, Betesh, a Brooklyn property pillager, saw Adult Protective Services assisting Crea, as another defeat in the making.  Gary Barberio despicably disregarded APS policy and procedures, coldly blowing away the pastor’s person with disabilities rights.

The defeated Abe Betesh, reneged on both Court ordered, signed settlements, having the pastor continue to strike rightfully, until Betesh did repairs but he never did justice to them.  City Marshal Gary Rose and Abe Betesh ‘assassinated’ the apartment activist, while Crea was not home on December 6, rather than allow Justice to be served after his arduous and courageous four-year stand.

Immediately, the pastor went to work with calls to Deputies Mayor Walcott and Doctoroff, with whom he had shared his proposal at the Clinton Foundation to buy Betesh properties to be used for AIDS and fixed-income residents. 

Non-profit Eviction Intervention Services’ advocate Ronald Rogers told the pastor, “I don’t know what happened but someone realized that [they] made a really big boo-boo with the wrong person,” informing him of a hastily scheduled APS appointment.

Yet, after the APS legal team failed to secure the SRO kitchenette on December 13, the pastor’s calls were not returned and nothing was attempted, even to have him in a hotel for the holidays.  Distraught but determined, Pastor Crea kept up calls and emails until Christmas Eve.

As Mayor Bloomberg and his entire Human Resources Administration staff enjoyed the holidays at home, Pastor Crea stayed up sleepless in a chair at a computer at a local radio station.  A few evenings were spent on his community garden coordinators’ couch, until their own company came for Christmas

On December 28, APS supervisor Carmen Hernandez, told to call the pastor after all his own calls, did nothing afterwards on Crea’s requests to be given a hotel room and food until housed.  On New Year’s eve, he applied on his own for a new apartment with Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc. who is a contractor for city-owned units in Harlem, where he’s lived for 9 of the last 15 years.  

HRA previously lost the Pastor’s first Harlem home, when he served Rwandan refugees for Christmas 1994.  He had lost work in 1992, while being called “a n-gg-r lover” for defending Mayor Dinkins and Cardinal O’Connor, visiting a family after police killed their son. 

Then again, telling him to go, “not to worry,” HRA promised to pay his rent with a one shot deal but never paid it.  While still maintaining his Harlem ties and after caring for a friend with AIDS until his death, Pastor Crea returned in 2003.

Last week on January 2, Pastor Crea called Manhattan APS Director Patrick Taveres, asking that the Bloomberg administration do the right thing, in moving Crea into a new Harlem home.  As the Mayor left town, nothing was done again. 

Both APS’s Taveres and Hernandez failed to supply the promised ‘one shot deal’ funds to recover what remains after Abe Betesh’s illegal removal of Crea’s belongings, now, in a Bronx warehouse.

Only receiving a $659 Social Security Disability check monthly, Pastor Crea had to make, on his own, a $375 certified check to save his household from the warehouse, ready to get rid of all of it after 30 days. On January 7, like going to the morgue, his $375 was brought to the Bronx to identify and to secure what remains of his lifetime of pastoral projects and personal belongings, as Bloomberg begins bargaining for new D.C. digs of his own.

Friends or Benefactors can support Pastor Crea through Paypal at the Contact Page at the OWLSsight: